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Contact:    Kym Yancey
GLOW Project
14900 Landmark Blvd., Suite 540
Dallas, TX 75254

Office: (972) 620-9995, Ext. 1003

Cell: (214) 642-9955

Tough Times Call for Glowing Success

From city streets to sleepy suburbs, the country has been virtually crippled by bad economic news. Many Americans have put their faith in a new president, and are looking to Capitol Hill to solve their financial problems.

But, a new recently-released philanthropic film, GLOW Project, suggests we simply need to look within ourselves… that the secret to success is something all of us already own. Two years ago, the film’s producers set out to interview some of the most successful women in business, posing one simple question: “How is it that some women are wildly successful, while others – with the same relative education, experience, passion and goals – struggle?”

None of the women knew what the others would say, but all ended up giving the same answer: GLOW.

It’s an aura… an energy… the “It” factor. When realized, nurtured and expanded, your GLOW becomes the key to true happiness and success.

Given the current economic strife, the timing of the film couldn’t be better. People looking to enrich their lives need to know the secret lies within them. This film simply shows them the way to tap into GLOW.

The stars of the GLOW Project include:
Barbara M. Rubin, Founding Partner, Raskin, Peter Rubin & Simon

Cathie Black, President, Hearst Magazines

Donna Orender, President, Women’s National Basketball Association

Francine LeFrak, President, LeFrak Productions and Tony, Emmy Award Winning Producer

Marilyn Tam, Co-Visioneer, HealthWalk and former CEO of Aveda

Sandra Yancey, Founder & CEO, eWomenNetwork

Shelia C. Johnson, Founder and CEO, Salamander Hospitality, LLC and Co-founder, BET (Black Entertainment Television)

Tory Johnson, Founder and CEO, Women For Hire

Trenesa S. Danuser, Vice President of Global Communications and Strategic Alliances, Origins, Ojon, The Estee Lauder Companies

Kathy Swanson, President, Winnie Palmer Hospital for Women & Babies

Marion Luna Brem, President and CEO, Love Chrysler, Inc.

Robyn Spizman, National Media Personality, Speaker & New York Times Best-Selling Author

Dr. Helene Gayle, President and CEO, CARE USA

Edie Fraser, Managing Director and Diversity Chair, Diversified Search Ray & Berndtson
The GLOW Project benefits three non-profit organizations: CARE, Winnie Palmer Hospital for Women & Babies and the eWomenNetwork Foundation.

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