Hosting a Screening of The GLOW Project Movie in Your Local Area

Set-up: It is very important that you explain the post movie process before you play the movie. The audience size does not matter—the set-up is the same.

Before showing the movie, explain to your guests that once the movie concludes you will not stop the film until the credits are over. Explain that you are allowing them this time to process their own thoughts and feelings and to ensure that each of them will have their own unique experience from watching the movie. During this quiet time, while the credits roll, you want them to relax, enjoy the music, and reflect silently with their own thoughts.

Once credits are over, turn the movie off and begin the group discussion by asking the following:
  • Who would be willing to share a word or express what this movie has brought up for them? Encourage each woman to express her feelings and let the interaction and expression flow. Especially pay attention to those who are remaining silent. Gently ask them what they are thinking and feeling.

  • Explore what the movie has awakened in them and with which woman in the movie they may have resonated with the most and why?

One of the keys to the post movie process is the open sharing of life experiences. Encourage your guests to discuss what brings them GLOW and what they may do when they are not feeling in GLOW. The GLOW process is quite simple:
  • Be engaged with your inner GLOW – remember who you are

  • Clarify what is most meaningful to you – what will keep you in GLOW

  • Create a plan to put you more squarely in the center of your GLOW

  • When you have fanned the flame of your GLOW, you reach a new stage in life, and the cycle can repeat

Watch the film, share your experience with other women, learn from each other, and become a part of the “Spread the GLOW” Movement.

Your support of the GLOW Project allows us all to stand tall. Please remember that the purchase of the GLOW Project movie benefits three non-profit organizations:
  1. CARE

  2. Winnie Palmer Hospital for Women & Babies

  3. eWomenNetwork Foundation

If you don’t mind, please distribute a GLOW Project order form to each of your guests. Click here to download the DVD order form.

Notice: Public Screenings of the GLOW Project™ are strictly prohibited without expressed written approval and the payment of licensing fees. Please click here to download the Public Screening License.

If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact us at:

Office: (972) 620-9995, ext. 1031+

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