Amazing, Inspiring, Unforgettable

A culture shift took place when the GLOW movie hit the scene. Women everywhere were touched, inspired, and awakened to the reality that they could manifest and expand their ideas and dreams on their own terms. This incredible movie is receiving praise worldwide, and women everywhere are saying:

“Show me HOW to bring more GLOW into my life!

Your wish has come true!

The GLOW movie INSPIRES you to change your thoughts and attitudes. The KNOW THE GLOW Retreat EMPOWERS you to take the action necessary to transform your life. What an incredible package!

Sandra Yancey and Connie Podesta, two internationally acclaimed Human Behavior experts, have created an amazing "Know the Glow" weekend retreat that is more powerful than anything you've ever experienced before—life-changing days that will set the course of your future forever.

Sandra and Connie are 100% committed to helping you reach levels of success you never thought possible. This is absolutely YOUR moment in time. Make this moment count.

Learn about all the amazing things you will gain from this retreat:

About your GLOW Guides:

Sandra Yancey is an internationally acclaimed and award winning entrepreneur, author, philanthropist, producer of the GLOW Project movie and is the Founder & CEO of eWomenNetwork.

Connie Podesta is a professional keynote speaker, author, comedienne, songwriter, board certified therapist, and expert in the psychology of human behavior. She focuses on leadership, sales, change, relationships and communication.

When:    October 21, 22 & 23, 2010

Where:    Fort Worth, Texas—Two fabulous downtown hotels are vying to host this retreat. We are announcing the winning venue by September 10, 2010.

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